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Funeral & Memorial Services in Binghamton, New York

The passing of a loved one is beyond difficult, so let Aegis Cremation & Funeral Services, located in Binghamton, New York, ease the process. We offer both funeral and memorial services.

Funeral & Memorial Services

Depend on our funeral home when you have lost someone close to you. Our funeral and memorial services are affordable so that you won't have to deal with financial stress in addition to the emotional impact of your loss. We offer you professional and compassionate service at a low price.

We Are Here for You

We are proud to provide traditional funeral and cremation arrangements for people of all faiths and cultures. Whether you want a traditional funeral service or something special, we are here to meet your needs.
If you should want something that we do not typically offer, we will do our best to provide it for you. Our funeral and memorial services may include but are not limited to the following:
  • Flowers
  • Receptions
  • Limousines
  • Obituary Notices
  • Motorcycle Escorts
  • Viewing Services
  • Graveside Services
  • Worldwide Shipping
  • Memorial Tribute DVDs
  • Evening, Weekend, & Holiday Services
  • Green Funeral Services with Wicker Caskets

Military Memorial Services

For lost loved ones who served in the military, we offer military honor guard services, complete with flags and flag cases. We also offer you our assistance with all military benefits.

Memorial Items

We offer a full range of items that will enable you to cherish the memories of your dearly departed for a lifetime. Our memorial item selection includes:
  • Register Books
  • Memorial Folders & Prayer Cards
  • Acknowledgment Cards
  • Crucifixes & Rosaries
Contact us in Binghamton, New York, to submit a request for a callback and find out more about our funeral and memorial services.